London is a world famous city and is always experiencing high volumes of demand from different parties. Some look for offices that are short term in order to accommodate their business before their anticipated workforce expands. Others look for more permanent office space that can house the workforce for many years. Typically lease lengths direct from landlords will vary around five years. For shorter options either its best to look for a property which has in 1-3 years landlord development plans which is usually a way to avoid paying any office dilapidations.

When searching for offices its important to ensure you satisfy yourself with the following:-

  • Office Coverage
  • Office Quoting Rent and Terms

Victor Harris has access to comprehensive information that allows us to ensure the above is all met within a quick timeframe. We do this using systems that give us coverage and even when we are engaged elsewhere we are able to still receive e-mail alerts on behalf of our clients. The same systems allow us to secure the greatest reductions because we are able to use comparable evidence and also look at the buildings history.

Below is an example of this using 20 Savile Row in Mayfair in London. You can see the amount of information we are able to obtain for specific buildings anywhere in London.

Having access to information such as above is a clear example of the benefits if you consider using Victor Harris to search for your new premises. It ensures we are able to be competitive on your behalf not just in terms of providing coverage but also more importantly during office negotiations.

Why not arrange to meet Victor Harris to discuss your next office move we would be delighted to discuss how we can be successful for you.