What is a Leasehold Office?

When searching for a new workspace, it is important to understand the different types of offices before proceeding. A leasehold office is also known as

What is a Managed Office?

With office costs continuing to rise, more and more business owners are considering to move their business into a managed office space. But what exactly

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is already setup with everything that you need from the day you move into it. A great option for those that would

Which office is right for you: serviced, hybrid (managed) or leasehold?

Are you on the hunt for new office space and undecided on which space is right for you? Finding the right type of office space

2022 Commercial Property Predictions 

Our 2022 commercial property predictions are in! Hybrid working was normal for many people since the start of 2021, but will it remain that way

7 Ways to Improve Your Employee Wellbeing Strategy

The wellbeing of employees should be the priority of any employer. After all, the happier the employee, the more motivated and productive the employee will

The 4-Day Work Week: Pros and Cons

The idea of working 5 days a week, Monday to Friday, is the norm in our modern society. The weekend is always over before it

The Emergence of Hybrid Working

The emergence of hybrid working is one of the most obvious impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even as we break away from restrictions that were

Flexible office space

Today most only require a laptop, mobile phone and a stable internet connection within their flexible office space.

Commercial property news

The London commercial real estate market has been one of the best cities globally to invest in the last several years, bringing great vitality and

Find london office

FIND LONDON OFFICE – Commercial Property Search At Victor Harris we offer businesses a specialist find London Office commercial property agent service. Our service locates

Commercial property market in london in 2018

Commercial Property Market London commercial property market is known for being the best places in the world for commerce. The time zone and location in

Wembley consent granted

Student Accommodation News Planning consent is granted from Brent Council… Victor Harris reports that Brent Council have resolved the planning application for Unite. Unite is

Search for offices in london

London is a world famous city and is always experiencing high volumes of demand from different parties. Some look for offices that are short term

London Office Rent Comparison

Compare London Office Rents Location Average Rent (PSF)  Rates (PSF) Service Charge (PSF) Mayfair  £70.00 – £125   £25.00 – £40.00  £9.00 – £14.00 West End 

Find london office

Find London office Currently the London office market has a range of offices in a number London locations and its important to know where the best

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Victor Harris is a commercial property agent based in London. Our consultancy is set up to assist businesses who are looking for expert property advice