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Flexible Office Space London

Market Trends

Today most only require a laptop, mobile phone and a stable internet connection within their flexible office space.

This flexible way of working has seen the rise in flexible office space London. Over the past decade the number of flexible office spaces in the world has grown by 3,500 percent and the number of people working there increased by 8,000 percent.

According to market leading research 18,000 flexible office buildings currently exist around the world accommodating at

1,700,000 million people. One primitive reason behind this popular trend is the flexibility it provides quickly evolving companies to scale up and down in size seamlessly. With the ever-changing economy, companies are no longer tied down with long term leases. They only pay for the space they need and get access to a vast array of office amenities.

London Flexible Office Space

London has been leading the way in the flexible workspace boom. The number of new flexible working locations in Central London has grown 42% year-on-year. Experts believe that 30% of corporate real estate will be flexible workspace by 2030 and shows no sign of slowing. Throughout London, reports have revealed that the continuous growth has created more competitive rates, lowering the costs on all kinds of office spaces.


Victor Harris assist companies who are curious about flexible office space London. We use sophisticated prop technology to locate office space not to mention our own internal database. Thus, through the dedication of our employees our goal is to find something that works for you with both efficiency and ease. Victor Harris too also advise landlords on new ways to enhance their assets. View our latest properties. 

@ info@victorharris.co.uk 

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Commercial property news


The London commercial real estate market has been one of the best cities globally to invest in the last several years, bringing great vitality and success. Given this there is no reason for this positive trend to be ending anytime soon, despite looming fears of Brexit.

Commercial Office Market

In 2018, commercial offices in Central London attracted £16.2 billion of investment, exceeding that of Manhattan, Paris and Hong Kong. There have many foreign investors that have had continued desire in London’s real estate market.

Greater China has been one the major investors with just last year their investment contributing to 21% of the total London market. Future predictions find that there is £40 billion of capital looking to invest in commercial real estate. Greater China, the biggest potential investor in London, is estimated to invest £10 billion, or 25% of the total London market in 2019. This continued influx of investment is a testament to the desirable location that London offers to global investors.

Currently all indicators in the commercial sector are healthy. In addition to significant capital investment, office vacancy rates are one of the lowest they have been in the past several decades. Since 2013, vacancy rates have dropped from 7% to 4.6% in 2018 and is projected to drop further to 4.4% in 2019. These vacancy rates are a good indicator of the future performance in the commercial sector. Thus, the continuation of low vacancies in the London market are encouraging for both current and new businesses looking to emerge and expand.

This year we will continue to see the rise in flexible working space. Victor Harris are spearheading the approach and are ensuring our clients, both tenants and landlords keep themselves ahead in this fast changing marketplace.

Here at Victor Harris, this positive economic outlook provides us the great opportunity to provide guidance and insight for those looking to find various commercial properties throughout London. Ultimately, with our services we hope to help you find the most suitable space that fits your needs for the right price.

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Find london office


FIND LONDON OFFICE – Commercial Property Search

At Victor Harris we offer businesses a specialist find London Office commercial property agent service. Our service locates London office space using cutting edge commercial property search technology. We use systems to help us provide 98% coverage in any London location. We are a leading, Mayfair based, commercial property agent.

Businesses would search with Victor Harris for speed and information. With us searching we are able to cross check any information we receive from the landlords. For example, if they overstate their rental or the length of time they have been marketing. Speed is significant as it takes businesses on average six weeks longer to search without us. We can also guarantee coverage. How do you know you have seen all that’s available?

Find office space through Victor Harris to receive:

  1. Office Availability Reports.
  2. London office Email Alerts.
  3. Comparable evidence of other deals done.
  4. Access to vast property experience over 30 years combined.
  5. Save time.


At Victor Harris we undertake a company audit which will challenge your views on both flexible and leased space. For example, we help you consider – how many meetings do you have each week? Do you have staff who operate on flexible hours. Find out more… 


At Victor Harris we appreciate fully that businesses wish to understand fully the agent service mentioned above. It is for this reason our initial commercial property service is completely complementary. It will provide you significant initial information in order to make an informed decision.


During the early stages of the office search we will help you establish if leaving your office over a lease renewal is in fact the best option. It has been recently the case that we have managed to help businesses negotiate a suitable reduction to stay in situ which is also something we pride our service on.


Mayfair Agent, London Office:

25 Sackville Street, Mayfair London W1S 3AX

Registered Office: 20 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London WC2E 9HP | Registered in England & Wales Company Number: 07235202

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Commercial property market in london in 2018


Commercial Property Market

London commercial property market is known for being the best places in the world for commerce. The time zone and location in the world offers a very distinct advantage for international businesses. London is a competitive marketplace that still attracts the worlds biggest organisations.


The property market in London continues to see growth in the commercial property market. Office rents are continuing to strengthen with rent free periods reducing. However demand for more creative style space is at its highest. Tenants today require more facilities which is positively encouraging improvements in office design. For landlords to thrive they need to work closer with their agents. We are currently advising many on clever ways to attract tenants. For example flexible leases.

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Wembley consent granted


Student Accommodation News

Planning consent is granted from Brent Council…

Victor Harris reports that Brent Council have resolved the planning application for Unite. Unite is planning to create a 200,000 sq ft student accommodation scheme which will be adjacent to Wembley Stadium. The plans will further develop there immediate vicinity around Wembley Stadium which will see the area improve even further.

Victor Harris understands that TateHindle are the appointed project architects who have been representing Unite through the planning permission process. Unite are going to create a tower building on the one-acre site which is on Olympic Way which should provide capacity for an estimated 700 students. Going to be great for the students to be so close to Wembley Stadium and also nearby Wembley Park which allows for easy access into Central London. The works are due to commence later this year and should take approximately two years to complete. Unit are reported to be working jointly with the London Student Accommodation Vehicle.

The plans are a great idea and another example of how London is continuously improving. Victor Harris currently are also looking themselves for sites or buildings suitable for student accommodation and will look in the future to be involved in similar schemes such as this one.

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Search for offices in london


London is a world famous city and is always experiencing high volumes of demand from different parties. Some look for offices that are short term in order to accommodate their business before their anticipated workforce expands. Others look for more permanent office space that can house the workforce for many years. Typically lease lengths direct from landlords will vary around five years. For shorter options either its best to look for a property which has in 1-3 years landlord development plans which is usually a way to avoid paying any office dilapidations.

When searching for offices its important to ensure you satisfy yourself with the following:-

  • Office Coverage
  • Office Quoting Rent and Terms

Victor Harris has access to comprehensive information that allows us to ensure the above is all met within a quick timeframe. We do this using systems that give us coverage and even when we are engaged elsewhere we are able to still receive e-mail alerts on behalf of our clients. The same systems allow us to secure the greatest reductions because we are able to use comparable evidence and also look at the buildings history.

Below is an example of this using 20 Savile Row in Mayfair in London. You can see the amount of information we are able to obtain for specific buildings anywhere in London.

Having access to information such as above is a clear example of the benefits if you consider using Victor Harris to search for your new premises. It ensures we are able to be competitive on your behalf not just in terms of providing coverage but also more importantly during office negotiations.

Why not arrange to meet Victor Harris to discuss your next office move we would be delighted to discuss how we can be successful for you.

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London Office Rent Comparison


Compare London Office Rents

LocationAverage Rent (PSF) Rates (PSF)Service Charge (PSF)
Mayfair £70.00 – £125  £25.00 – £40.00 £9.00 – £14.00
West End  £50.00 – £80.00 £20.00 – £35.00 £7.50 – £12.00
Midtown / Clerkenwell £45.00 – £75.00  £18.00 – £25.00 £7.50 – £11.00
City & SE1 £50.00 – £85.00 £15.00 – £35.00 £5.00 – £14.00

Office Rents

In London office rents have over the last decade increased in some cases by double. The market currently in 2017 is still showing signs of strength because demand is still there. The development pipeline in London is limited given the city has limitations. Mayfair is a good example of this because although its a world famous location it is not a large area to walk and many of the properties cannot be knocked down to be replaced by towers because many buildings are Grade II Listed.

For additional information about rents and also prices contact Victor Harris today 0207 183 8458.

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Find london office


Find London office

Currently the London office market has a range of offices in a number London locations and its important to know where the best office locations are. Victor Harris have access to 1000s of offices throughout London and will be able to help you find London office space throughout Central London.

The are that expects to see the largest increase in business rates in 2017 is in fact Shoreditch and Clerkenwell both have over the years seen increased demand from tech businesses and it looks like the local councils for both locations are looking to see the uplifts in demand with their planned increase. For example business rates in Shoreditch will increase in some cases by between £7-£10 per sq ft after April.

It is important when looking for London offices you consider carefully the office marketplace and you try to follow Victor Harris recommendations in order to be successful. We are able to base our recommendations using cutting edge technology, and office search tools that provide us with comprehensive London coverage of the office market. Our reach is anywhere in London as long as its within the M25.

Are you searching for new offices? Can you do with professional assistance finding London office space? Why not consider using office agents Victor Harris?

Victor Harris would be delighted to assist you with your new search for premises both Freehold or Leasehold, CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION.

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Commercial property agent


Victor Harris is a commercial property agent based in London. Our consultancy is set up to assist businesses who are looking for expert property advice in the commercial property market throughout London.

Our areas of expertise is in the following areas:-

Acquisition & Disposal work – throughout London Victor Harris act has a commercial property agent for businesses.

Freehold / Leasehold – we are able to help clients in both sectors in London.

Valuations – for properties up to £10million Victor Harris has consultants on board for clients.

Building survey – when acquiring or disposing property some clients require a building survey.

Renewals – Victor Harris are able to assist you with your renewal.

Victor Harris | Commercial Property Consultancy from Victor Harris Commercial on Vimeo

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